Composed by Robert Schumann
Arranged by Dan Miner
Voicing: two-part*
Instrumentation: piano
Catalog number: AMP 1163
Price: $2.30

*This piece may be used with SA or TB voices. If sung with TB voices, voice parts should be sung one octave below the written pitch.


Mailied is the ninth piece in Robert Schumann's Liederalbum für die Jugend, Opus 79. Originally written as a vocal duet, it is scored and edited in this version for 2-part choir.

Tone quality for the piece should be light and weightless. In Opus 79, the piano is as much a part of the music as are the vocal lines. Therefore, careful study should be given to the interplay between the accompaniment and vocal parts.

May Song

O come dear May and make the trees green.
And let the small violets bloom beside the running stream.
O how we long to see the small blooms, to see the blooms again,
And into the far distance we go to the fresh open air.

O come, fair skies, so all things bloom again,
Then cries of the children become a joyful song.
O come and bring the many roses, the lovely roses,
And also bring the nightingales, bring some lovely cuckoos, too.

Paraphrase by Dan Miner

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