Xixian Qu

Mz. Qu Xixian (1919--) composer, born in Shanghai and graduated from the composition dept. of Shanghai National Conservatory of Music in 1948 ; worked mainly in Central Philharmonic Society; had given personal concerts of choral works in 1987,1999 and 2000 in Beijing and Shanghai; had published Qu Xixian Chorus Selections(2003) including 53 pieces, among which, arrangements: Pastoral, Usuli Bacarole, Clouds Flying Over the Unmoving Sky, and original compositions: Flying Petals, Call Me By My Pet Name, The Cuckoos are Singing, etc. still being performed in the 21c. comcerts; had published C.D. and cassette entitled Flying Petals including 16 chorus works in 1995.

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