A ma main droite

Arranged by Sheila Donahue
Voicing: two-part treble
Instrumentation: piano
Catalog number: AMP 0608
Price: $1.80

Arranged by Sheila Donahue

This is a French children's circle game. A child walks around the interior of the circle during the first stanza as "the gardener. " At the beginning of the second stanza, the gardener stops to choose "a rose" from the circle of children. They exchange kisses on each cheek (the words to the song say to hug, but in actual practice, the children exchange kisses), then walk hand in hand around the interior of the circle to the end of the second stanza. At the end of the second stanza, the two children again exchange kisses. The game continues with the rose becoming the new gardener. The first gardener rejoins the circle of children. Game continues until all "roses" have been "picked. "


	A ma main droite j'ai un rosier
	At/By my right hand I have a rosebush

	Qui fleurira au mois de mai.
	Which blooms in the month of May

	Entrez, entrez charmante rose.
	Come in, come in, charming rose.

	Et embrassez qui vous aimez.
	And embrace (hug) the one you love (like),
	La rose ou bien le rosier 
	The rosebud or the rosebush. 


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