Sanctus in d minor

BWV 239
Composed by J.S. Bach
Edited by William Hunt
Voicing: SATB
Instrumentation: continuo with optional string parts
Catalog number: AMP 0361
Price: $2.30

The complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) include five independent settings of the Sanctus, all of which are from the period that Bach was at Leipzig. The Sanctus in C Major (BWV 237) was performed in 1723; a Sanctus in D Major (BWV 238) was performed on Christmas Day in 1723; the Sanctus in d minor (BWV 239) was performed during the period 1735 to 1746; and the Sanctus in G Major (BWV 240) was also performed during the period 1735 to 1746. Authorities accept that the fifth independent Sanctus (BWV 241), also in D Major, is an arrangement by J.S. Bach from a piece by J.C. Kerli.

The Sanctus in d minor (BWV 239) is an accessible work for mixed chorus, strings, and keyboard. The original score contains instrumental parts for two violins, viola, and basso continuo, which can be performed by full string ensemble, keyboard, and voices. However, because the viola and bass string parts are duplicated in the keyboard part, a satisfactory performance may be accomplished by using only the-two violin parts with keyboard and voices.

Dr. William A. Hunt

Instrumental parts (AMP 0361P) are available for purchase from the publisher.

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