Kyrie Eleison

Composed by Leonhard Lechner
Edited by Jim Leininger
Voicing: SAB
Instrumentation: a cappella
Catalog number: AMP 0097
Price: $1.80

Leonhard Lechner was born in the Austrian Tyrol around 1550 and died in Stuttgart in 1606. His early years were spent as a choirboy in Munich, studying with Orlando di Lasso. During his lifetime, Lechner helped publish and perform many of di Lasso's greatest works. Lechner held various music positions at Nuremberg, Hohenzollern-Hechingen, Tiibingen, and Stuttgart, and his early sacred and secular works were widely admired by his contemporaries.

Lechner, Leonhard: Neue Teutsche Lieder zu daey Stimmen, No.21 , Nuremberg, 1586.

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