Psalm 23

Composed by Z. Randall Stroope
Voicing: SSA
Instrumentation: Piano snd flute
Catalog number: AMP 0463
Price: $2.50


About the music
The composer chose to highlight various key phrases in the Psalm 23 text and to build the musical structure of the piece around these “textual pillars.” The treatment of the text is like unto someone reading the psalm, and then perusing back through it -internalizing certain words and phrases, not necessarily always in order. As a result, parts of this musical setting of Psalm 23 are meditative, others are triumphant, and still others have the sense of feeling comforted and loved. The Latin word “lauda” (translated “praise”) is interwoven into these musical vignettes and plays a major role in the energy that drives the piece. The flute and oboe also give connection and color to the various textual and musical ideas and create a sense of yearning and dependence - one on the other. The listener feels “pulled in” to the inherent gentleness, yet inner strength of the work.

About the composer
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