Sue E. Bohlin

Sue Bohlin enjoys a busy career as pianist, composer, and conductor. Currently she is the Principal Accompanist and Associate Conductor for the Piedmont East Bay Children's Choir. She joined the choir in 1984 as principal accompanist and her expanded roles have included vocal coach, theory director, and training department director. Sue and her husband Robert Geary tour each summer with the choir and have performed on stages all over the world, and collaborated on hundreds of musical projects, including Mr. Geary's professional choir, Volti. Ms. Bohlin earned a music performance degree at the Conservatory of Music at the University of the Pacific; taught oboe at the Conservatorio Nacional de Mexico; spent a decade as music director with the avant-garde San Francisco theatre group, George Coates Performance Works; performed with dozens of other arts organizations, orchestras, and schools. Her own choir, the Anchor Bay Children's Choir is in Mendocino County. Her publishers are Santa Barbara Music Publishers and Alliance Music Publications.

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